Is your star the lucky one?

Welcome to BitStar, A unique bitcoin gambling website. BitStar is 100% luck, No skills required and is transparent - provably fair. So, Enjoy the game and spread the fun!

Round #1 Prize: 0. BTC

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So you think the winning star will be Yellow in BitStar?
Current Bet: 0. BTC
So you think the winning star will be Blue in BitStar?
Current Bet: 0. BTC

So you think the winning star will be Red in BitStar?
Current Bet: 0. BTC
So you think the winning star will be Purple in BitStar?
Current Bet: 0. BTC


What is BitStar?

BitStar is a platform where you can win Bitcoins by predicting what will be the winning star at the next result time in BitStar. Didn't got it? Simply its a bitcoin gambling site which allows you to earn bitcoins on your luck - 100%.
The winning star in BitStar is 100% random which makes it provably fair.
To see how we select which star wins - Visit Provably Fair.

Our Fee is as low as 2% in which 1% goes to the prize pool for the next round!

How to play?

1. Predict a star which may win in next result at BitStar!
2. Bet on the star with an amount more than
3. Wait for the result! If your predicted star wins, you get your share from the prize pool.

Check out Frequently Asked Questions for better understanding.

Provably Fair


We use a very unique and easy method to get a winner in every round! What is it? Check it out:

1. We got 4 stars: Yellow - Blue - Red - Purple. Each of them is assigned a range of numbers between 1 to 100.
Yellow (1-25) -- Blue (26-50) -- Red (51-75) -- Purple (76-100).

2. We check the last two digits after the dot in Size (kb) of the block which is just mined after the timer is over (or 12:00 GMT) on Blockchain.

If it's between 1-25 - Yellow star wins
If it's between 26-50 - Blue star wins
If it's between 51-75 - Red star wins
If it's between 76-100 - Purple star wins.


Q.1 What is the minimum amount to play with?
A.1 It's 0.005 BTC

Q.2 What if i send amount less than that?
A.2 Amount less than 0.005 BTC will not be refunded and will be treated as a donation.

Q.3 How can i verify if BitStar is Provably Fair or not?
A.3 You can check our verification method here: Provably Fair

Q.4 What if there is no winner?
A.4 In that case, the deposits will be moved on to the next round's Prize. So the next game will startup with previous prize.

Q.5 What if there is more than 1 winner?
A.5 In that case, this will happen:

Let's Take an Example: Prize: 1 BTC and Winners are 3.
We will share the prize depending on the bet wager.
If Winner 1 Waged: 0.01 = 10% | Winner 2 Waged: 0.04 = 40% | Winner 3 Waged: 0.05 = 50%
Winner 1 will get 10% of Prize i.e. 0.1, Winner 2 will get 40% of Prize i.e. 0.4 and Winner 3 will get 50% of Prize i.e. 0.5

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Total #Rounds: 1
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